Meet the Team

We have a very diverse team from various disciplines of science. Our esteemed panel will provide insight, authentic references and in-depth analysis of their respective fields of interest. With this wealth of knowledge, we will tackle misinformation and guide the public with simple explanations to complex theories.


Kannan Keecherill

Physics Department

A prolific blogger and our resident Physics expert.

Dr Ashraf

Khaleel K. Ashraf, MD, DMRD, FACP

Medical Research Consultant

Dr. Ashraf is a consultant in Hematology and Oncology currently practicing in USA. He also holds post graduate degrees in Diagnostic Radiology and Stem Cell Therapy.

Sandeep P Adhikari

Sandeep P Adhikari

Media Production

A movie maker working with the big names in both Bollywood and South Indian movie industry.


Deepu Thomas


An Anthropologist and a guest lecturer at Mahatma Gandhi University.


Rajeev Mahadevan

IT Expert

A graduate in Computer Science, currently working as a Systems Analyst with a leading MNC.


Binoy NA

Automobile Expert

A person with the passion for Automobiles working in Automobile Production Industry.



Audio Visual Expert

An editor by profession and a wizard in audio-visual technologies.

Arun Pariyanampatta

Arun Pariyanampatta

Telecom Expert

An expert on Telecom industry and its inner technologies.


Lt Col Sharlet C Das

Lieutenant Colonel

Our proud Lieutenant Colonel was commissioned in 1997 into MNS and is in active service with the Indian army in medical field.

Krishna Prasad

Krishnaprasad G

Economics Expert

An economics graduate currently pursuing higher studies in International Relations and Rural Development



Banking Advisor

Postgraduate in Commerce specialising in Finance and currently employed as a Location Manager in a reputed International Bank